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Cover 2023

Oh Yus - You can now download B˛rd Sti¨readh na h-AGOFR's exclusive Miosachan Oifigeal na h-AGOFR  - The Official Calendar of Avante Gaelic Obscurist Folk Rock - for fleek all.
Each month, the AGOFR Calendar shows picturesque scenes of AGOFR interest - places, people, classic AGOFR album covers etc. It also highlights significant AGOFR days - anniversaries, public holidays, religious festivals and the like.

And why restrict yourself to this year? If you're stuck in the past, why not download a calendar from our wide selection of previous years?

To download - just click on the year you're after. When the calendar opens, save a copy to your own computer.

Then , if you can be bothered, print it out, punch some holes in it and stick a piece of string through them. Now you've got yourself the ideal Xmas gift for people you don't like and don't want to spend any money on.

2010                                                   2011
Miosachan Oifigeal na h-AGOFR 2010   Miosachan Oifigeal na h-AGOFR 2011

2012                                                  2013
AGOFR Calendar 2012    AGOFR Calendar 2013
2014                                                  2015
AGOFR Calendar 2014 Cover    AGOFR Calendar 2015 Cover

2016                                                2017
       AGOFR Calendar Cover 2016   AGOFR Calendar 2017 cover    
2018                                             2019
                                 2020                                            2021                              
      AGOFR Calendar 2020 Cover      AGOFR Calendar 2021 Cover
2022                                              2023