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Memphis Louie Studebaker (Vox, Gee-tar) Previous MLATRFOD guests include : No Head Jackson (Vox, Percussion),
Ossian Stormwatch III (Vox, Percussion) Jerry Lee Lewisstreet (Keyboards, Vox),  The Rev Blind Garyvard Davis (Vox, Geetar, Harmonica)
Leroi Z Coondawg ( Bass, Gee-tar, Vox) Johnny "Deadbeat" Watson (Vox)

Theophilus P Wildebeest (Drums)

MLATRFOD SITG 2010 (all band)

MLATRFOD + Guest  in the beer tent at Sounds In The Grounds, June 19 2010: L-R :  Leroi Z Coondawg, Rev Blind Garyvard Davis, Memphis Louie Studebaker, Theophilus T Wildebeest, Ossian Stormwatch III

Memphis Louie an the Rockin Firebird of Death (MLATRFOD) were created in 2004, nearly 20 years after the demise of their mid-80s predecessors, the very similarly named Memphis Louie an the Rockin' Firebirds of Death. Who in turn had spun off from The Subterraneans

Nobody was left from the old 1984/85 lineup except Memphis Louie Studebaker and Leroi Z Coondawg.

This led to the depluralisation of the original band name. Memphis and Leroi were later joined by Ossian Stormwatch III and Theophilus P Wildebeest, which means they could replurarise now if they wanted to, but that there would just be gettin too complicated.

They're still mixing up the same mess of fuzztone-crazed garage psych, primitive rock 'n' roll and Link Wrayabilly as before, but there's a bit more of the glacial post punk in the mix these days, since Memphis Louie has no other outlet for his Joy Division/Pixies fixations.

MLATRFOD are a highly eee-lectric studio band, but when it comes to playing live they're too lazy to organise all the gear, practice, soundcheck and stuff, so they usually play acoustic-ish. Live shows are few and far between, and the line up is usually just whoever's around. So it might range from  Memphis and Leroi crashin' some sensitive acoustic singer/songwriter's gig and makin everybody cry,  to a full line-up plus guests.

The rest of the original 1984/85 Firebirds - Bob Bitchin', Etheridge Lockjaw Jones 1st and Zink Sputnik - ain't appeared in the 21st century MLATRFOD - so far. But Bob's still got his Telecaster and H|H under the stairs in Seaforth Road, Etheridge is listening to too much indie music up on Church Street at BBC Radio nan Gaidheal, and Zink has ditched the jazz-funk and is polishin' his blues geetar playin' somewhere in Fife. So it ain't beyond the bounds of possibility that any of them could appear in the lineup anytime. Hell, even old Subterranean Emil the Shrink might get his wailin' harp out one of these days...

Here's some of the other places (old and new) where you can find MLATRFOD. We struggle to keep up with the fashions, though.  
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This is where we're putting most stuff up at the moment. Errr... This has been under construction for quite a while.There was fleek all wrong with myspace, but nobody goes there nowadays. Despite that, the old Myspace page is still handy for old blogs, alternate takes of the songs used to be nothing to do with Apple. It was a site where bands could upload their songs and have them reviewed by other bands. Some of the reviews we got were amusing, so we kept them.

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"Sandwick Road" 3-track EP out on Bandcamp 31/12/12

OK, so the title track was recorded in 2005-ish and previously released on the Honcho compilation "Nobadyourself". But we're not just flogging a dead horse here - there's 2 new tracks as well - "Garbagebag Gurl" and "Your Love is a Chain Gang". Home MLATRFOD Home MLATRFOD_History