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"From the world's edge - untouched by civilisation,
Hear the music of the aboriginal peoples of the Atlantic rim,
Handcrafted for you, using only the poorest quality materials,
By the most incompetent of native artisans,"

The Guireans are the leading exponents of the indigenous and unknown Outer Hebridean musical form known as Avante Gaelic Obscurist Folk Rock. (AGOFR) From their isolated island base in Sandwick the Guireans have attacked every genre of music from danns a'rathaid to death metal since 1979, with a lack of success that surprises no one who hears them. escribing the Guireans' music we have to use the overexercised term "celtic", but only so that this site will show up on beardy folky people's web searches.

The Guireans' formula is simple.Take a well known popular song, change the lyrics to address the concerns of life in Lewis - sheep, peats, sgadan 's buntata, the curam, tractors and funerals - play very badly using whatever instruments or domestic items are handy. Sing tunelessly in mixture of indecipherable Stoarnowaywegian dialect, gramatically questionable Gaelic and Beurla Taobh Muigh a'Chattle Grid (the pidgin English utilised by the indigenous rural peasantry to converse with White Settlers and Townies). Record on the poorest quality cassette player available. Finally, stick the tape at the back of a drawer for at least 15 years without listening to it before you take it out again.

The resulting product obviously has a rather limited appeal, so if you're visiting this site you've probably either been a Guirean or you're someone who knows them and feels sorry for them sometimes.

Co dhiu, at this site we've got a Tapeography of the band, which takes you through their history and lineups since 1979 and identifies all the recordings we know about. This is the best place to start. If you're desperate it'll lead you to the many mp3 snippets of Guireans "hits" we've got online. There's also stuff on Avante Gaelic Obscurist Folk Rock (AGOFR), film appearances,  lost recordings, contacts and  pictures for those who aren't too good at reading.