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O mo Chreach 's a Thanaig! Guirean Sounds Online!
Want to hear some examples of the Guireans' "music"? Well, you asked for it....

The Snippets of Guireans' songs exist online as MP3 files, so you'll need software capable of playing MP3 format on your PC. And remember it can take a while to download...
This is the normal way to do it - The Guireans' recorded material doesn't exactly stand up well by itself, so it's better to get the upfront explanation from the Tapeography first - when you do hear the Snippet you probably won't be able to make out the words or the tune properly.
When you open up the Tapeography page, a list of sub-pages appear, each one covering a Guireans release (eg Pronounced Goo-thans, Calan Bow Gets Run Over etc). These pages contain pictures of the tape sleeves, lists of who played on the songs, the story behind each release and, finally, a list of the tracks on the tape.
Anything in the Track listing which is underlined has an MP3 snippet available. Just click on the track you want and wait for it to download and play.  
It couldn't be easier - To see what we mean, go to "Calan Bow Gets Run Over" and click on some of the songs.