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Guireans Contacts
Old and Current Guireans and Associated Sad People can be contacted at the following e-mail addresses. If you fall into any of these categories, or you're just pathetic, and want to be added to the list, post a message or let someone who's on it already know.
aka Guireans - A Guirean since 1979 and never had the sense to see what an *&^e he was making of himself.
aka Memphis Louie - Not who you might think, but Roddy Huggan - Guirean since 1982's Jazz Mucus for Funk People and didn't care what an a*&e he was making of himself.
aka Ken "Ritchie Blackmore" L - Original Guirean and opportunistic part-time returner. Known as the "Accountant of Badly Played Rubbish" (hence the "ca" bit of the e-mail address). Aspiring movie auteur and perpetrator of "The Guireans Video" and "Les Mauvaises Jeunes".
aka the hammer (something to do with an old Rangers player, apparently) - James "Jimmy" "Checko" Petrie, original 1979 Guirean, and juniorest member of the group. Left the band, aged 12, after the disastrous "EMI Cassette Super C60", to concentrate on his education. Which consisted of learning to smoke fags without spewing, round the back of Geordie Golidy's, with some coves from Plasterfield.
Guireans founder member and Moby stunt double Gordon may not thank you for reminding him of his past, but if you want to make a few quid you could always e-mail him and tell him you've got a recording of "And I Love Her"...
The legendary Wattie, non-Guirean but doyen of the townie AGOFR scene and author of the infamous AGOFR A-Z. Foreswore his townie upbringing in later life and embraced a fundamentalist branch of Rubhachism, retreating to the reclusive mystic commune in Knock where he now resides.
Donalda "Donalda" Macleod. Pioneer of Gothic Bacach chic and manager of Roddy Huggan in the early 80s. Uncredited Executive Producer and Location Security Coordinator on Ken Livingstone's 1983 movie "Les Mauvaises Jeunes". Donalda was in the Bayhead swing park during filming of the bit when the Guireans were shot, and scared off some heavy dudes who were going to batter Roddy for being dressed up as a poncy French art fart.
Meantime Groupie Duncan "Dunky" Kerr. Simultaneously a Goth and a Hun, responsible for saving Roddy Huggan from a decline into alcoholism in the 1980s by drinking all Roddy's booze before he got anywhere near it. Subject of a verse in Jesus and Mary Chain rip-off "Some Sandy Talkin'" on 1986's "Hey Hey We're Gordon Macleod's Guireans" - "Here comes Dunky/He's such a Punky/He used to look like me/Now he looks like Wayne Hussey...etc". Now runs a massive digital remastering and distribution plant in Corstorphine, which turned out the 2002 CD release of "Alasdair Mackay Is God (Sorry - Bod)"
Sinister Matheson Road Pop Svengali and Tape Records supremo CJ Mitchell's latest enterprise - a record label for Avante Gaelic Obscurist Folk Rock bands who live in Chicago. Must be some sort of tax dodge.
Cadaverous Thespian, Johnny Pluckan Wannabe and Best Pal of Thon Cove In The Waterboys, and not a pal of Al*n D**k at all, honest, this is Roddy "The Thin White Plook" Morrison. 
Not sure which Rod Morison this gets you though. The Actorrr's 80s-pop alter-ego Some Random Guy may not answer.