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Great Lost Guireans Tracks?

Despite the best efforts of "many", there are some Guireans tracks out there which we haven’t been able to track down.

Seaforth Hotel”:

Can’t find this on any of the tapes but the Guireans definitely recorded it. I think it was around the time of "Hey Hey We're Gordon Macleod's Guireans".

Well since my baby left me – I found a new place to dwell

It’s downstairs in the Galaxy Suite at the – Seaforth Hotel”

“Willie Burns is at the bar, he thinks he’s really cool,

‘I’ve got the ‘tang outside now blone, come on let’s rock and rool”...

“Bugsy something something, he’s gone and scored some hash

he’s going to take it home and put it in his saidhean mash” etc.


 The Only One Eyed Blone

Possibly recorded at the “Unplucked” session, a “Charlatans Cover” on the same subject as “The One Eyed Blone”:

The only one eyed blone in Plasterfield is C**** A*one…” etc.

In 2006 the Guireans got sick of looking for it and recorded a new version, which will be appearing on the long-awaited "Hippy Hoovering at the Harrisons'" CD in 2010 or so.

"Free Muriel Gray"

Not a special offer but a variation on the earlier "Free Archie Macpherson" and the even earlier "Free Nelson Macantshronaich". Suspected to have been recorded around 1989.

Rediscovered under Roddy Huggan's Stair and now online (see The Brag Demos + Free Muriel Gray )

If you’ve got any information about these or other tracks, if you see anything that’s missing or untrue in the tapeography above, or if you just want to add your own anecdotes, rants, memories or whatever, then fire a message in to the board. It's about time somebody did.