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  The Old News
The Dun Ringles -
1990s Avante Gaelic Obscurist Pomp Prog Rock Dinosaurs the Dun Ringills, led by veteran AGOFR kingpin Iain "Wattie" Watson (Zing Pop etc etc) - Real gigs. Proper Songs, practices, portastudios, O a'Thighearna chan eil fhios amas...
This'll also lead you to their blogsite and their permanently-under-construction-cant-be-a***ed-site that has a proper www domain name,
The Meantime (not the Ceilidh band) -
Renegade mid-late period Meantime member Roddy Huggan's unauthorised website documenting the history of Gress's very own 80s stadium megaband The Meantime. More Honesty Passion and Integrity than U2, Big Country and The Alarm put together. Agus Ministear air na drumaichean cuideachd (an t-Urramach Coinneach Stiubhart).
See also Roddy's Blogsite on Myspace, which will undoubtedly lead to a confusing array of other free webpages that he's set up. -
Fuidheags' Sonic Scrapyard (boyo), Marybank's finest repository of Guireans MP3s put together by the Guireans' very own obsessive stalker fan.
Gordon Macleod -
Aerodynamically hairstyled Guireans founder member Gordon "Macleod" Macleod's Durham University web page. With photo! -
Hounded out of Matheson Road by the forces of taste and decency, fugitive Tape Records mogul and AGOFR impresario CJMitchell (76) is up to his sinister tricks again in Chicago, specializing in "ambient" and "improvisational" acts with his new record label False Walls. Visit the False Walls website and see if he's talking up another lot of useless amadans with kazoos and waste paper bins.
You'd think all them gangsters over there would know another one when they saw him.
Hebridean Celtic Festival -
Not a sectarian/football related event,  but a music festival that takes place every July and is big draw for strange beardy folkie people from away. Little concession is made to genuinely indigenous musical forms, primarily because nobody would turn up if there was. Van Morrison, the Waterboys, The Sawdoctors, Capercaillie etc have all appeared in recent years. And a Mongolian throat singer.
It is very unlikely that the Guireans would ever be asked to play at this event. -
The legitimate Meantime site. Witness the transformation of the earnest 80s Gress stadium rockers  into the hyperscorp non-rockist ethnic ceilidh outfit that they are now. And you can buy their CD as well. I notice David's got "Air an Oidhche" on there and didn't I give him a middle part for it? So I'll be looking for a slice of the royalties... -

Cadaverous thespian Roddy "The Actorrr" Morrison's self-promoting website, in which he appropriates The Guireans' 4 Polish Guitar recollections and empathises with thon tree on the Achmore Road.

Like every other Guirean under the sun, the Actorrr's also got a myspace blogsite, under the alias of his dodgy 80s pop guise "Some Random Guy". New Order, The Psychedelic Furs, Killing Joke and Roddy Huggan all get ripped off shamelessly -
Roddy H's site for his solo stuff.
Stornoway Historical Society -
Steorneabhagh aka Stornoway. Teeming Hebridean metropolis and Capital City of the Guireans' beloved island of Lewis/Leodhas. Find out all about its history here, from the Viking herring trade of the 8th century to the terrible herring wars of the 1600s, from the heady days of the 19th century herring boom to the post-war herring renaissance

Directory of websites about Gaelic. -