The Dun Ringles

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The Lord of the Dun Ringills
This is a true story. Many people refuse to beleive that the events imparted in this tome actually happened. But they did. (strokes goatee beard and ponders wisely) The band and manager found themselves mysteriously transported to Middle Earth, and this tale tells of the trials and tribulations they had to endure before finding their way back to modern society. If you look closely in the Documents Section and in the Folder known as The Lord of the Dun Ringills, you too can download the eight part epic that defies real literature. It's badly written and full of spelling mistakes and plot inaccuracies, yet this tale has spellbound countless (six) people in its truthfullness. Join with me now and enter Tolkiens magical realm and seee what kind of a ballsup the Dun Ringills made of it..............