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  Re Dun Cryptic Artwork!!!  This be Wattie. Please note that Jane says she has nothing whatsoever to do with AGOFR so don't contact her at all at all at all This be Robin. Not content with having a Doctorate he's wanting to be a teacher now. Moonlights as part of Streetcar, Edinburghs top covers band This be Jason. He's hiding out over in Uig until the heats off but don't tell the Feds This be Jons e mail address. He's got the best beard in the band. This be Grassy, the Management so don't mess with him or he'll kneecap yew boy. He's got lots of Glasgow underworld contacts now
And some famous AGOFR musicians from the Guireans This be Deadollac, mainstay of the Guireans and creator of the excellent Guireans web site. Author of one of the greatest AGOFR histories 'An Amadans Guide to the Guireans' which any student of this genre should read as required course material This be Roddy Huggan, famed for his membership of two seminal AGOFR bands, Cyclefoot and The Guireans
And not forgetting CJ This be CJ. Maverick pop svengali and author,playwrite,artist, ...the list goes on. Now living in Chicago and the man behind the fine record label False Walls. Check them out at