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1 August 2005
Only three more songs to finish (Cromwell St Congregration, Peter Dan The Rubber Man and Uig Draftsmen) and then the album will be out and about on general release. Sorry 'bout the delay, but you know how it is and all that. But in the meantime, if you want to hear some cool groovey stuff, check out the new single by Willy Campbell and Kevin MacNeil, called Local Man Ruins Everything out on Plastic Fantastic (and available in Simons Soundtracks, Sy's best record shoppe). Follow the link below for a Guardian review,14680,1537779,00.html
10 Febuary 2004
Well, flickin' hengoes, thats the new album almost finished. Another fun filled evening down in Melbost,which saw the last few bits of vocals completed. Only need to do a few wee tidy-up backing vocals and that should be it. Tonight we did a bluesey thing about chess pieces, re did the vocals to the Gallows Hill Rooks song, re did the heavy one about rushing for the ferry and listened to the mixes so far. A few cups of tea later then it was home with Jori's show on the car radio. Oh and the tribute song to Jori's hair is also complete!!!!!!
And , not only that, Jason has painted the cover and its tres bon. Still need a name for the album though, which probably requires a night on the town to get the creative juices flowing.
3 Feb 2004
Another quick burst of news. Two more tracks almost finished last night down in old Melbost. We almost finished the Fir Chlis one and only need to write another two verses or have a talky bit in it or maybe just cut and paste the first two verses and stick them on the end as no one will notice. We also finished the nice wee tune that sounded a bit like an old Kansas song but no one will ever notice. And we also did a third song but we can't tell you what it is yet until we get permission off the person its about!!!!
20 January 2004
Yet more busy-ness down in old Melbost. A few more songs rattled off, including the Gallows Hill Rook one, one about the big chessmen at the Woodland Centre and the Balantrushal one. Music for Fir Chlis also finished, which is looking like a prog rock epic worthy of lots of obscure 70's dinosaur bands.
Also, new CD by Sign Red now available in the shops. Everyone is urged to buy it NOW!!!
13 January 2004
Another busy recording session, this time at Mavis's Kitchen Studios in Melbost. In a child free environment, a further three lots of vocals were laid down (man). Das Boot, a poignant tale about an old boot (and not the one about Nazi gold hidden in a sunken U-Boat, just to keep things confusing); Fish & Education a poignant tale of old Stornoway in 1901 when the town was famed for its fish and the quality of its education; Frost, a poignant tale of going on a Scout Camp. On a frosty day apparently. A new song title was also thought off, namely 'The Balantrushal Scaring Wee Womble'.
2 January 2004
Rumours are spreading faster than the Comhairle's road gritters, that Jason and Wattie have just completed a lengthy session in Grimersta Studios, laying down the vocals for two tracks on the DR's forth coming seventh album!!!!! Nine tunes have now been wroted, two of which now have vocals added to them!!!! These songs are rumoured to be one about Vikings towing Lewis back to Norway (yes, they've already done a concept album about this (Flang your Doodle), but this apparently is a song they forgot to record at the time). Also laid down today (man) is a rocky little number about a Woody's driver racing to get the Ullapool Ferry. Other songs written include ones about sunken u-boats and nazi gold; an old boot; one about old Stornoway; one about Fir Chlis (which Robin is writing-aren't you Robin????); one about the Gallows Hill rooks;one about something else and at least one with no words yet which sounds a bit Big Loggish/Wicked Game-ish. More updates soon!!!!!
Original promo picture taken in Easter 1993 round the back of Knock Studios. This was just before performing at the Scout Hall where the band launched Boke Your Drarsh.
A 2003 catch up photo of the band showing how, in much the same way as the Guireans Xmas Monopoly photo shows, that the four lovable balding tops have changed very little in the intervening ten years. Almost accurately recreating the 1993 pose as well, in fact down to even having the same fence posts in the background and the same pieces of heather, the band show that the years have not dented their quest to bring the world progressive AGOFR in bite sized chunks.
27 July 2003 (general catch up of last few weeks events)
Dun Ringles all back together for 'practice' session and to get updated promotional photo taken!!!
Yus. All four DR's(yes including Jon) converged on Knock Studios recently and played lots of Dun Ringle songs. Or perhaps more acurately, played the first few bars of lots of songs then faded into silence as they realised they'd forgotten chords, words and how to play instruments. Lots of pics were taken out the back.
Memphis Lewis and Wattie meet up in Sawmill Woodland Centre for high powered secret talks on Midges of Rock 2003!!
Oh yus. Under cover of taking their families for 'a coffee', these two stalwart AGOFR chappies met in secret to discuss what to have with their cappacinos. Would it be the carrot cake or the fruit slices. 
10 July news
Bod Strummer/Sheep Purple CD now ready!!!!!!!!
Yes!!!! After only seven months, the legendary recordings of these two historic sessions is now available to AGOFR fans the world over. In a move to save money, both albums are cunningly stuck onto one CD,thus saving valuable rain forests and probably protecting the Guga from irrate Nessmen. Hurry and place your order now and get eight fine examples of AGOFR cross-over stuff featuring the sour cream of the genre
More 10 July 2003 news
Three Dun Ringles caught rehearsing in Knock Studios.
In a shock move, Jason, Robin and Wattie were spotted rehearsing choons down in Knock Studios, to get them into 'match strength' for the forthcoming Midges of Rock Festival. The band managed to remember most of the names of several songs and bravely tackled a few easy to play ditties. They also threw in a few Proclaimers songs but this was very ill - advised. However, reports suggest that a provisional set list (or at least a list of 20 songs which could be narrowed down to a more presentable number) is now in place.
Even more news from 10 July
Jon, the imfamous 'missing' Dun Ringle, is rumoured to be coming up to Sy for a few days fishing. Another wee cham is provisionally arranged for Sunday night. Could this be the first full band line up formany years????????