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9 September 2005
Dun Ringles asked to play at An Lanntair Grand Opening Gala Concert!!
No, really, they were!! Honest. An Lanntair opens on 1 Oct 2005 and the boys were asked to 'do a turn'. Greatly honoured but unfortunately had to turn it down due to work and living on the mainland commitments. Hoping to play in the groovey new An Lanntair sometime in the future.
16 August 2005
Dun Ringles Go Acoustic in Macneils
Three Dun Ringles were spotted in Macneils at yon 'open mike night' on Thursday 11 Aug, hanging about hoping someone would ask them to 'do a turn'. As it was, there were so few performers that the DR's managed to sneak in three numbers- 'Calum B Sound', 'I dont Like Sheep' and 'Valtos Blues' before the bouncers were called. Jason also guested with Sign Red and Colin' Feckless Youth' Macleod. The bands manager Grassy, also travelled up from Glasgow especially for the gig and was later seen on his mobile speaking to CJ and Ken about increasing the bands (and his) percentage of the takings.
Recording of Re-Dun 'almost nearly' ready
Reports from Grimersta Studios indicated that Jon Dun Ringle has laid down some tracks 'maan' for the new album. In a flying visit from his luxury Leith yuppie pad, Jon is said to have turned down many lucrative wedding dances with Streetcar (the band that likes to party) in order to record two of his greatest works, namely Cromwell St Congregation and Peter Dan (The Rubber Man).