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More 10 July 2003 news
Three Dun Ringles caught rehearsing in Knock Studios.
In a shock move, Jason, Robin and Wattie were spotted rehearsing choons down in Knock Studios, to get them into 'match strength' for the forthcoming Midges of Rock Festival. The band managed to remember most of the names of several songs and bravely tackled a few easy to play ditties. They also threw in a few Proclaimers songs but this was very ill - advised. However, reports suggest that a provisional set list (or at least a list of 20 songs which could be narrowed down to a more presentable number) is now in place.
Even more news from 10 July
Jon, the imfamous 'missing' Dun Ringle, is rumoured to be coming up to Sy for a few days fishing. Another wee cham is provisionally arranged for Sunday night. Could this be the first full band line up formany years????????
25 June
Set List for Midges of Rock under way
The proposed set list for the DR's MOR appearance is well underway. If any fans have a fav song they'd like to hear played, please let us know.
Feckless Youth to play drums for Dun Ringles at Midges of Rock!!!!!!!!!!
Top Sy rock star and ghillie Colin has agreed to play the drums for the Dun Ringles at this years Midges of Rock. (well, the batteries in the drum machine had run out, so you got to do something...)
23 June 2003
Giraffic Park sales now reach the 'seven' mark in Soundtracks.
June 2003
Ex Dun Ringles roadies mentioned in Jori's 'The Scene' column in the Gazette. Derek and Jamie now members of top Glasgow based indie popsters 'Your Scarecrow'. Question is, does Jamie still have Watties old bass which he borrowed in 1995? Can Wattie have it back? Remember, it was a black 'Axe' bass, with a nice yellow strap, with all the notes taped on to the side for ease of reference!
9 June 2003
Giraffic Park sales rise to an earth-shattering 6 copies. A report from well known local rock god 'Feckless Youth' states that Soundtracks have sold 6 copies of the CD to the unsuspecting public. No one is yet sure as to who these people are.
 8 June 2003
Giraffic Park goes 'Ollack'
The Dun Ringles are pleased, but mainly shocked, to announce sales of five copies of Giraffic Park from Soundtracks Record Emporium,Francis St, Stornoway. This certifies the CD as having 'gone Ollack' the AGOFR equivalent of going Platinum!!!!
23 May 2003
Giraffic Park now available from Soundtracks, Stornoways top record emporium. (we kid you not!!)
23 May 2003
Yet more airplay on Isles Fm for Giraffic Park!!!
Innes Plays Beyond The Cattle Grid on Thursday 22 May.
AJ Kennedy plays Beyond the Cattle Grid on 'The Morning Show' on 23 May
John Fonn Murray asks for copy to play on BBC!! 
15 May 2003
Dun Ringles in more Isles FM airplay exclusive!
Top Isles FM DJ Innes 'the post' Morrison confused masses of Lewis indy fans by playing a track from Giraffic Park on his show. Innes, who survived seeing the Dun Ringles in An Lanntair in May 1996, played Giraffic Park itself, which of course features famous irish Giraffe Hunter Kirsteen O'Loan and no one else.
13 May 2003
Dun Ringles in Isles FM airplay shocker.
The AGOFR world was rocked to its wellies last night as reports filtered through the airwaves that award winning* DJ Jori Kim had featured Giraffic Park on his show. Fans of the band were stunned as Jori played not one, not two, not three, but four tracks of the album. Thurso Pie, Giraffic Park, Rampant Thrust and Bone Idle were blasted out to a confused audience wondering 'who the flick are these coves..' 
* recipient of the '2003 Tape Records Award For Services to the AGOFR Community Through The Medium Of Radio' 
9 May 2003
Dun Ringles in Gazette Review Shock Horror
In an unlikely turn of events, the Dun Ringles were the subject of a major article in the Stornoway Gazette by top Isles FM DJ and music critic Jori Kim. Praise was heaped on the band, (who have denied sending Jori large sacks full of salmon from Grimersta Estate,)and the AGOFR movement in general. Mention was made of The Guireans and The Meantime and shadowy record mogul CJ Mitchell (76) and to quote Jori 'every home should have a copy of Giraffic Park' as they'd make good coasters if you were having a party and didn't want your sideboard marked.
Jori is also to play some tracks for Giraffic on his excellent Isles FM show on Tuesday night so dont go out, stay in, adn tune in.
A big thank you to Jori from all the band. The Giraffic Park fridge magnet is in the post.
9 April 2003
Massive media launch of Midges of Rock promotional campaign!!
Forget your Scottish Election Campaigns! The eyes of the world are now focused firmly on the media blitz to tell the world about the Midges of Rock 2003. Last night a horde of posters appeared on the Braigh beach telling the world about Septembers AGOFR extravaganza. Watch out for more lightning media blitzs like this in the weeks to come. Please report any sightings of MOR posters to this web site.
8 April 2003
New Album shipping tomorrow.In a shock move, Tape Records have announced that they are no longer going to wait for yon colour printer to get installed and instead are going to send out the fridge magnets tomorrow (and the CD's as well) The lyric booklet will now follow at a later date. So far a phenomenal 8 copies have been ordered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23 Feb 2003
New Album Now Ready!!!!!!!!
Giraffic Park, the first new Dun Ringle album since 1997 is now ready. To order an advance copy of Giraffic Park please send Wattie an e mail or leave a message on the message board. You get a free lyric booklet with it too, by the way.
24 January 2003
Midges of Rock 2003
At last, after 20 years of rumour and speculation, it has been anounced that the 20th anniversary Midges of Rock will take place on Saturday 6th September 2003 (check MacKinnons Bakery Complimentary Calender for exact location of 6th September).
A shadowy roup of AGOFR luminaries met in secret on Thursday night to plot this globe shattering event (well, more like island shattering)and to start plans to bring this 'Festuval du Avant Gaelique-Obscureest Folkes-Rock' to the hungry masses of Stornoway. he exact location of this event is been kept secret (even from the organisers) but possible locations are; An Lantair, Scout Hall, Grimersta Lodge, Knock Studios, Le Maison Du Curamoch au Sandwiques, and outside in the Castle grounds somewhere. The line up of the Festival should possibly be The Guireans, The Dun Ringles, Cycelfoot, Sheep Purple, Bod Strummer and  Zing Pop.
For even less details please visit the Guireans web site or check out the Gazette.
22 January 2003
Sheep Purple Cover 'finally ready' says CJ Mitchell (76) from his Nebraska secret underground bunker
The Sunday Flights e.p 'to follow real soon' says CJ, checking his supply of money, ammo and canned food, prior to sealing the doors to the outside world. 'Just a precaution till this little 'Iraq' business dies out' says CJ, whilst phoning Pres Bush and telling him it was 'okay to commence Operation Zing Pop' what ever that might be.
12 January 2003
Hurry, Hurry Hurry. Only a few left!!! Its the 2003 Annual Design A Cover competition and its coming your way sooner than a soon to arrive Mitchells bus at the old bus station oppostite DD Morrisons shop.Check out the ALL NEW COMP YOUR TITIONS SECTION right  now or else your a hairy kipper. Two entries have been received already (see Comp Your Titions Section for the gory details) so get your skates on cove