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Fraochie's Story

Kenny "Fraochie" Stewart, hard rockin' Bacach dude, occasional Uncle Ethan guitarist, Gaelic media tycoon at Moja TV, and the cove who salvaged the rediscovered "Subterraneans Show" cine footage onto DVD, recalls the early 80s Leodhasach Rock scene through a bit of a haze...

Woaaargh. Fraochie rawks out, not yesterday

" Now, rock around the 80's Sty. My experiences are limited as I left in 1979 and to be honest never really saw much in the way of live music in Stornoway, only returning for the "Trades Fortnight" and the odd "September Week".

Rough Justice I do remember and have a single of theirs (signed by Fudge!!!!) .  It does sound ghastly, "Black Knight (A Gothic Legend) c/w White Dove (Misprinted as ALSO being a Gothic Legend - maybe it is?) on the b side. Rough Justice featured the Wallace twins and Fudge. Fudge lives in Edinburgh and is an Accountant/Solicitor or something like that as far as I know. I saw them a few times but as I was in school the memories are hazy, Fudge had a "Real" Les Paul, to which he added a third pickup, Spinal Tap was only a dream then.... He also had a Marshall amp. I can remember asking for a song by "Foghat" and being surprised that they knew one, but the drummer saying that if i liked Foghat I wouldnt like their version, or something like that.

I saw Oasis once in the Caber lounge(!) Remembering that James was a great lead player, still is. Island Express played at a school dance once, my sole memory being that they were nearly finished a Status Quo song before I recognised it as being such, and I was a HUGE (of Quo, not Express) fan at the time, sad.

And this brings me to my last memory of a gig in Stornoway, The Royal Hotel as featured on the website, a few bands, possibly yourselves. Someone said to A J Kennedy, the lead breaks looked great, pity we couldnt hear them. Also had a pint in the Lounge, Davy Maclennan and Wilbur Macleod were there. Wilbur packing a harmonica belt.

Not much to go on there, I misspent my teenage years in the Odeon and Playhouse Theatres watching the real thing (not the soul/disco band) and going to the "Nite Club" (above the playhouse) to the weekly heavy metal disco, which had bands regularly also, including incredibly "Bad Rep" all the way from Stornoway!!. I didnt know about them being there and never saw them play at home either ".

Editor's note - Not remembering any of it didn't stop Fraochie from making the definitive Sad Day We Left the Croft Documentary anyway...