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13th Floor Elevators
Website for the 13th Floor Elevators, originators of "You're Gonna Miss Me" and probably the inspiration behind The Subterraneans' own "18 'Gators in Space". Should lead you to various other Elevators and Roky Erikson sites
Link Wray
Rock n Roll Encyclopaedia page for Original git-tar distortion killer Link Wray RIP. Links to his official homepage and other good stuff. "Wherewolf" is the Subterraneans attempt at a Link tribute.
Unofficial webpage for the Meantime, Early-80s post-punk contemporaries of the Subterraneans who got the band gigging in support slots at Coll in 81/82. Oh no. It's been deleted!!
The Meantime Official webpage for the traditional/ceilidh band now called the Meantime and featuring a folked-up Randy T Pennsylvania on (acoustic, for fleek's sake) guitar.
Fuzz, Acid & Flowers, Online 60s Garage Guidebook
Excellent online version of the essential reference book on US Garage/Punk and Psychedelic bands of the 60s.
Jason & the Scorchers
Original US country punk outfit whose 1985 "Lost & Found" album was stuck to Leroi's record player for months and inspired the highly derivative "Your Love is a Chain Gang". Jason Ringenberg still tours solo in Scotland a fair bit, and recently reached as far as Ullapool.
Jerry Lee Lewis
Wanna go and tour the Killer's ranch? Visit his official website and find out how. It was Jerry Lee's version of Tommy Tucker's "Hi Heel Sneekers" from "The Greatest Live Show on Earth" LP that inspired the Subterraneans to give it a go 
Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley's official(?) webpage. Another massive influence - wrote "Who Do You Love" and the riff used on our own "Nobody Now" (and a millionother non-Bo songs by artists from Buddy Holly to Johnny & The Deadbeats to, sadly, George Michael) 
Bob Dylan
Gotta put this link in for Emil's sake - there are uncountable Bob sites out there but this one should link to some of the good ones.
Honcho - Top SY hit factory record company /promoters/ scenemakers/management/DJs etc etc. Honcho have issued 2 compilation CDs featuring the work of Memphis Louie an the Riockin Firebird of Death - Local Man Ruins Everything, featuring "Girlie Screemer" and "Nobadyourself" featuring "Sandwick Road"
John Lee Hooker
Thousands of John Lee Hooker sites on the web but this one is a good place to start.
Ol' John Lee wrote "Crawlin' King Snake" and "Hobo Blues" but might not be too impressed with the Subterraneans' treatments...
Gruth 's Uachdar
Larach-linn 'son an sreath "eapaig" a chaidh air stiureadh le ace director Emil the Shrink an uiridh.
Bomp Records
Seminal garage/punk/psychedelic label who might have signed the Subterraneans in 84 if boss man Greg Shaw's letter hadn't been lying in Edinburgh for 3 months while Leroi was back in Lewis. And if they'd had some "better fidelity stuff". And some more original songs. Check out Bomp's own links page...
Johnny Burnette & The Rock n Roll Trio
It was these guys'  version of Big Joe Turner's "Honey Hush", ontheir mean and nasty eponymous 1957 LP,  that inspired the Subterraneans' "Garage Fuzz" attempt.
Guitarist Paul Burlison was an accidental pioneer of the rockin' git-tar distortion sound, after dropping his amp and shaking a valve loose in 1956. Unlike Link Wray, who just pierced holes in his speaker.
There's a bit of rockabilly revivalists Whirlwind's 1980 version in there too. 
Website for the reformed and currently touring 60% of the MC5 who are still alive.
Alyth Maccormack (Star of the Subterraneans Show, 1985)
Alyth's appearance in "The Subterraneans Show" (1984/5) is probably something she wants to forget now that she's a star of the Celtic World music scene...  but what pop diva worth her salt doesn't have a bit of duff film from the 80s stashed away somewhere..?
MLATRFOD Myspace page for the current Memphis Louie an' the Rockin' Firebird of Death lineup . Leads towards the garageband pages too.
Sneakers Records / Tom Trash
Sneakers Records - Excellent Norwegian garage/punk record label belonging to Tom Erik "Trash" Kristofferson, the only person who ever answered the 1983 "Garage Fuzz" advert in "Sounds"!
The Sonics (original Northwest punk)
Information on The Sonics - '60s Seattle garage kings who were a major influence on Leroi Z Coondawg, and originators of "Strychnine", "He's Waitin'" and the "Louie Louie" version covered by the Subterraneans and Memphis Louie
The Cramps
Bio and discography on The Cramps, another big Leroi influence back then. Check out the links from this site into a number of other Cramps sites
Little Walter
Blues harmonica legend and big hero of Emil's. "Blues With a Feelin", "Dead Presidents" and "Up The Line" were all attempted by the Subterraneans at one point or other. As well as "My Babe", once. But that was based on Elvis' version from Vegas.
Isles FM - Home of DJ Bob Bitchin'
Bob Bitchin' does the early show most mornings on Stornoway's favourite station, under the alias "Alex John Kennedy". Man, what's happened to him? Bob wouldn't get up in time for a 3pm session when he was a Subterranean.
Jethro Tull
Not-so closet folkie Etheridge Lockjaw Jones Ist's major influence in the early 80s.
Leningrad Cowboys Go America
The real deal 60s garage and 50s Rock n Roll trash was hard to come by in Lewis when the Subterraneans were starting, so they had to plug the gaps by imagining what it should sound like sometimes. Kind of like how the Leningrad Cowboys had to guess what rock 'n' roll was...
By the way, if you're a Leodhasach feeling homesick in Helsinki just go to the Cowboys-related restaurant Zetor. It'll be like you neffer left the Croft.
The Primevals
Parallel but considerably more successful Glasgow band suffering from the same influences as the
Subterraneans. We weren't aware of them at the time - it was 84 or 85 before Leroi picked up on them in Edinburgh, but they were (and are?) a superb outfit. New double CD retrospective "On the Red Eye" out now!  They probably never heard of us, but Primevals Spin-off "The Beat Poets" made a few bob playing the Leroi Z Coondawg-penned theme tune for the BBC's "Ran Dan" in the early 90s.
The Louie Report
Louie Louie webpage
In the Garage (featuring Johnny & the Deadbeats)
Jock "Johnny" Watson's recently discovered website. Very comprehensive history of the 80s Edinburgh garage scene and garage music in General. Includes pages on Subterraneans-related late-80s garage punks Johnny & the Deadbeats.
The Seeds
Link to the Seeds page on frontman Sky Sunlight Saxon's website.
Click here for an interesting review of the reconsituted Seeds, comprising only
Sky Saxon from the original line-up.
The Doors
Emil the Shrink and Leroi Z Condawg's original inspiration for forming a band, The Doors were the nearest thing they could find to common groundbetween the Emil's Bob Dylan fixation and Leroi's Cramps thing. This link is to the official Doors website. A bit sparse but if you search the internet there's plenty of other (weird) sites out there.
Jack Kerouac
Aspiring Beat Poet Emil's role model circa 1983, and author of "The Subterraneans" among other things.
ESP - The Beaver Patrol
Some discussion about the origins of this number from "Garage Fuzz