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This here website documents The Subterraneans - without doubt the meanest, baddest, evillest rockin' psycho-delic garage combo ever to come out of Sandwick, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides between 1981 and 1985, probably.

Every incarnation of the band is covered, including 1981/82 precursors A Horse Latitudes and The Dark Visit, and 1985 successors Memphis Louie an' The Rockin' Firebirds of Death.
Best place to start is the Biography page...
Meantime there's still a good few holes still to fill in - See Wanted - Information! for stuff you might be able to tell us...

We got a Early 80s SY Rock Scene page to try and put the Subterraneans into context. So if you've got any recollections of what was happening around the islands musically around 79-85 then send them in an' we'll paste them up...

We also got stuff on latterday Subterraneans Spin-off outfit Memphis Louie an the Rockin Firebird of Death ( not to be confused with 1985 Subterraneans spin-off outfit Memphis Louie an the Rockin Firebirds of Death) 

Check out their facebook page for more news, tunes, videos etc. There's a  myspace page as well but ain't much left on it these days since g*dd*m myspace "Tom" lost all his content.

Latest Subterraneans News:

Feb 9 2009 - "The Subterraneans Show" on YouTube

"The Subterraneans Show" - the band's long lost 1984 promo-video-cum-ultra-low-budget-50s-rock-n-roll-exploitation-flick - is now available on YouTube. For Full Details see our new Subterraneans on Film Page.

Feb 9 2009 - Lux Interior RIP

The Subterraneans is gonna miss Cramps frontman Lux Interior. The Cramps were one of our top influences in the early 80s. As well as being a great outfit in their own right they steered us towards the real junk - from Link Wray to the Sonics to the Trashmen - which blew away pretty much all the sounds of that period.

We were further indebted to Lux & co cos the only magazine that ever gave us a review (in 1983) was Legion of the Cramped Fanzine "Rockin Bones"!

Hopefully Lux's demise will present no obstacle to his busy touring schedule, and we trust he will be returning from the grave in zombie form to rock a boneyard near us soon.

Feb 9 2009 - Subterraneans Website Jazzed up an Moved

Following Microsoft's decision to shut down msn groups, this here Subterraneans site has been moved to a new location at

Alternatively, Subterraneans fans can access it from the link on the main page.

We've taken the opportunity to update the website content and add in mp3 and all sorts of other stuff.

(We're hanging off the Guireans' site because it saves us having to buy our own domain name)

Oct 23rd 2008 - First Ever Airplay for the Subterraneans

25 years after the Subterraneans recorded their stuff, they've finally, for the first time, been played on air. Isles FM's number 1 alternative DJ Innes Morrison played "I was Murdered by the CIA" and "Hi Heel Sneekers" on his excellent "Into The Music" show. "Hi Heel Sneekers" was meant to be "Wherewolf" but Leroi Z Coondawg messed up the track ordering while making up the CD sleeves. The mistake means that the new CD is an instant collector's item and therefore an excellent investment in these here troubled times. It also means Innes might give the real "Wherewolf" a spin next week.