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This here is the story of the string of little known Lewis garage bands that started with “A Horse Latitudes” in 1981 and finished with “Memphis Louie an the Rockin Firebirds of Death” in 1985. 

Apparently bass players in a lot of bands have this kind of compulsion for recording things and writing them down long afterwards, no matter how pointless and inconsequential the whole story may be. Sad to say I ain't no Bill Wyman in this respect (or any other), so my records aren't exactly meticulous. Consequently I’ve had to plug a lot of the gaps here from vague memories or by making things up.

So If you can fill any of the holes or put me right on anything then drop us an e-mail or post a message and I’ll update this.

Also, this page is meant to be a concise biography, so in an attempt to keep the narrative flowing it doesn’t have all the details of lineups, gigs, songs, members etc. There's links in leading off to that kind of stuff.

Couldn't fit the full history onto one page so it's split over these 3...

Before the Subterraneans - A Horse Latitiudes / The Dark Visit etc (1981-82)

The Subterraneans (1983-85)

After the Subterraneans - Memphis Louie an' the Rockin' Firebirds of Death (1985)