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Wanted - Dead or Near nuff

There's a lot of stuff I can't remember from back then, and a lot of stuff I know someone out there might know. Here's some of the missing facts and stuff.

Ain't no re-wards, mind...

Steven, where are you? Laid back McCartney wannabe and 1st Horse Latitudes / Dark Visit  guitarist Steven "Steeevun" Macdonald is out there somewhere, and is the only known possessor of 2 tapes of the early Dark Visit lineup supporting the Meantime at Coll centre on 19/12/81 and ??/3/82.

Who's got the brown EMI tape recorded at David Maclennan's place in Gress on 12/2/83? This was the rehearsal for the 1983 St Valentine's support slot to Oasis. The gig wasn't very good but the rehearsal sounded excellent at the time. The tape might not be so good, but it would be the only recording of the short lived lineup with Robbie on drums and David on guitar. 

I got a vague recollection of a Subterraneans gig at the Royal around the turn of 83/84, which went quite well. Does anybody remember anything about it?

Anybody got a good surviving copy of the Tong Studios recordings (late 83)? I've transferred the surviving stuff onto CD, but my copies of the studio tape are getting on a bit so the CD is consequently pretty poor.