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Coinneach & CJ's Accountants of Rock (2003)

Cover of Coineach & CJ's Accountants of Rock's J*hnny C*sh/R*bert P*lm*r/B*rry Wh*te Tribute EP (2004)

Personnel :

  • Wattie "The Man in Back" Dun Ringle (Vocals, Chanter)
  • Robin "Jerry Lee Leodhasach" Dun Ringle (Smooth Keyboards, Vocals)
  • Jason "Deers for Beers" Dun Ringle (Guitar, Bass, Vocals)
  • Dead Olac "Ceard Perkins" Guirean (Bass, Chanter, Vocals, Arrhythmic Coin Shaking)

The market for Avante Gaelic dead pop star Xmas tribute EPs was identified by Sinister Tape Records supremo CJ Mitchell (86) as a potential growth area after the massive sales of the "Bod Strummer & The Dun Guireaneros" EP. Mitchell figured that with all these  pop stars turning into bodachs and cailleachs there were bound to be an increasing number of high profile demises each year, and more and more grieving fans seeking solace in tastefully marketed Xmas tributes to their heroes.

Mitchell teamed up with portly lucre-crazed Plook Records CEO Ken "Coinneach" Livingstone and drew up a contract obliging indentured Plook and Tape musicians to form a "Supergroup" and record an EP every year until 2068, on penalty of a large payment to themselves, irrespective of whether said musicians themselves were alive or dead.

At Xmas 2003, various Dun Ringles and Guireans were duly rounded up and herded into a fank near Knock Studios, where they were imprisoned until they agreed to call themselves "Coinneach & CJ's Accountants of Rock" and record a commemorative EP for the recently departed R*bert P*lmer, J*hnny C*sh, and Barry Wh*te.

The result is the flawed masterpiece "Roddy Morri$on Ca$hes In And Gets Evicted to Leodha$", a tribute to R*bert P*lmer, J*hnny C*sh and B*rry M*nilow, spuriously constructed around the concept of Roddy "Actorrr" Morrison's precipitated return from Glasgow in flight from his creditors. The Manil*w/Wh*te problem arose because none of the band could remember which Barry was which. By the time somebody explained the difference it was too late because the tea was ready and then they were off to the Legion for a pint. "There's no doubt which of them should be dead", said an unnamed Accountant of Rock at the time.

 Back cover - note the deleted bonus track which nobody could be bothered recording. The Guireans'll get round to it soon enough.

The EP also contains a version of Te*rs for Fe*rs' "Marag World", which is nothing to do with any of the Barries, living or dead, nor with J*hnny C*$h or R*bert P*lmer. The studio legend is that it was shoehorned in  at CJ Mitchell and Ken Livingstone's insistence in order to make the record more "Christmassy".

Sadly CJ then took an executive decision to defer release of "Roddy Morrison Ca$he$ in..." so that it wouldn't distract public attention from the imminent new Dun Ringles CD "The 4 Chessmen".

The result was a Xmas EP released in June, which will no doubt generate even less sales than it would have done in December.


  1. Dun Ringle On Fire
  2. A Boy Named Sc*bie
  3. Evicted To Leodhas
  4. Co-op a Sgadana
  5. Marag World