The Guireans

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Pronounced Goo-thans (1979) 


EMI Cassette Super C60 (Unreleased) (1980)


Jazz Mucus for Funk People EP (1982)


Winter Feis (Live Appearance 1982)


Olacs Volume 79 (1983)


Midges Of Rock (Live Appearance) (1983)


Mehags Agus Fuidheags (1984)


Calan Bow Gets Run Over (1984)


Bogie Goes to Bennadrove (1985)


Ch***y Al*ne Picks The Guireans (Compilation 1985)


Hey Hey We're Gordon Macleod's Guireans (1986)


The Cac Album (1987/88)


Guireans on 45 (1988)


Live At The Cross Inn (5/7/1988)


The Brag Demos + Free Muriel Gray (1989)


J*** S**** is a H***s*x**l (1989)


Late Period Singles and EPs (1990 and beyond)


Alasdair Mackay Is God (Sorry - Bod) (2002)


How Much Mor Cac Could It Be? - The Midges of Rock 2003

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J*** S***** is a H*m*s*x*l (1989)


Alasdair (Bod) Mackay:  Guitar; Vocals; Drums

Roddy (Huggan) Huggan: Vocals, Drums, Guitar

Iain (Deadstone) Livingstone : Bass; Drums; Chanter; Vocals

Roddy (Bingo) Macdonald : Accordion on “Intro"

Recorded in the Livingstones' sitting room, Xmas/New Year 1989. This was the last full length Guireans release before the lean years of the 1990s. In some ways it was perhaps their least bad,  topping even 1984's "Calan Bow Gets Run Over" for consistency. At least until the 3 tracks after "Whenever M*rdo Al*x Shines His Light On Me", which are characteristically pathetic.

The full title is apparently: “Tormod B** said that J*** S*** is a H*m*s*x**l and He Was a Sailor So Who Are We to Argue?” (Names have been changed to protect the innocent).

Among the dross “Time of the Simes” mangles the Artist Formerly Known As’s “Sign of the Times” – with its searing social analysis of life in the ‘hood – “A bunch of 17 year old ceards/And their idea of fun/Is bein’ in a gang called the D***** boys/High on cac, and stealin’ corrugated I-ron

"I Don't Want A Bomber" twists Texas' debut hit into a dirge contrasting Stornoway Swinger of A Certain Age (now reformed) Bomber with his earnest aspiring Labour apparatchik cousin Roddy: "I don't want a Bomber - I just need Ma-hen... 'Cos Roddy Goes to Nicaragua, and comes back again/Bomber goes out picking up the chicks, but Roddy goes off picking coffee for..." you get the idea.

"I Wanna Know if You Are Holy" rewrites Husker Du's 1986 classic as an anthem to the old Leodhasach drink/religion dilemma; heading for the Free Church on Kenneth Street on a Sunday evening the protagonist is tempted by the doorway, tacitly ajar, of a nearby public bar. And "Some Sandy Talking", a Jesus and Mary Chain pastiche, switches (imperceptibly - which isn't surprising, really) into an attack on the Velvet Underground's "Heroin": "Herr-ri-ing - be the death of me/He-rri-ing - gotta have it for my tea/And my breakfast and my dinner/bring it to the boil and let it simmer/Cos when I get it served up on a plate/I feel like I'm turning into a skate/When I put that fork into a fin/I feel like the Jesus and Mary Cha-in/And when I'm full up and I got the runs/Then I feel like M*rd* Al*x's son..." etc


1.       Intro

2.       I Wanna Know if You Are Holy (Husker Mucus for Dubh People)

3.       Feed The Sheep

4.       Chirsty

5.       Some Sandy Talking

(Herring excerpt)

6.       Poxy Mucus for Roxy People

7.      I Could Be Like Pluckan

8.      A Ship Called Golden Fleece

9.       I Don’t Want to Go to Laxay

10.     I Don’t Want a Bomber

11.     Time of the Simes

12.     Another Girl Another Feannag

13.     Stop Your Croftin’

14.     Ca’ Bheil Mo Phinnt

15.     Whenever M*rdo Al*x Shines His Light On Me

16.     Once in a

17.     Time Flies by When I’m In Melbost In The Rain.

18.     Om – 1989 Mix