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Pronounced Goo-thans (1979) 


EMI Cassette Super C60 (Unreleased) (1980)


Jazz Mucus for Funk People EP (1982)


Winter Feis (Live Appearance 1982)


Olacs Volume 79 (1983)


Midges Of Rock (Live Appearance) (1983)


Mehags Agus Fuidheags (1984)


Calan Bow Gets Run Over (1984)


Bogie Goes to Bennadrove (1985)


Ch***y Al*ne Picks The Guireans (Compilation 1985)


Hey Hey We're Gordon Macleod's Guireans (1986)


The Cac Album (1987/88)


Guireans on 45 (1988)


Live At The Cross Inn (5/7/1988)


The Brag Demos + Free Muriel Gray (1989)


J*** S**** is a H***s*x**l (1989)


Late Period Singles and EPs (1990 and beyond)


Alasdair Mackay Is God (Sorry - Bod) (2002)


How Much Mor Cac Could It Be? - The Midges of Rock 2003

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Midges of Rock (Live Appearance, 1983)

Collector's Item : A genuine hand made original unnumbered ticket for the Midges of Rock 83,
"Designed" by CJ -  or was it Wattie?
Derek (Brue Cornwell) Macleod : (Vocals)
Roddy (Got any Plectrums?) Huggan : (Vocals, Guitar)
Ken (The Cozy of Cac, The Paice of P**s) Livingstone : (Toilet Pan Drums)
Alasdair (Bod) Mackay : (Guitar, Bass)
Iain (Liberace) Livingstone : (Zing-pop's Casio VL-tone, Bass)
Unless you believe that the Guireans really were at the 1982 Winter Feis, this is their only gig of the 20th century, not to be repeated until the alleged "Deadstone & Fiona's Wedding" incident of July 2001. AGOFR impresario Wattie and his henchmen had been running the "Midges of Rock" festival in the Scout Hall since 1981, and for some reason someone (probably Huggan, who was also playing there with the notorious Cyclefoot), decided it would be a good idea for the Sandwick maws to come to Town and show these city slickers what AGOFR was really about.
The Guireans arrived fresh from recording "Olacs Volume 79", not the most immediately accessible of their masterpieces, and proceeded to play it pretty much all the way through. Portcullis's History of AGOFR levels the accusation that all the Guireans songs at this gig included 15-minute solos. This was scoffed at by the Guireans themselves in later years, as they knew they'd never have been able to hold a 15-second solo together, let alone a 15-minute one.
Sadly the tape, recently recovered from under Roddy Huggan's stair, reveals that both Wattie's accusation AND the Guireans' explanation of why it was impossible were actually true; The band couldn't play solos but did anyway. For an exceedingly long time.
The line up was fluid at this gig, with Roddy "I wanna be David Maclennan Mean Time Axe Hero" Huggan taking on duties on the opening "Toilet On The Sea",  Derek "The Obsession" Macleod on Vocals,  Alasdair (Jean Cac Burnel) Mackay on Bass and the Junior Livingstone on Casio VL-tone. For the rest of the set, (I think) it was pretty much Bod on Guitar, Roddy on Vocals and Deadstone on Bass.
Ken "Hellew, Ladies" Livingstone played "drums" throughout, having somehow rejoined the band despite his undisguised scorn at their efforts on previous occasions. Ken's reappearance was clearly in the mistaken belief that a "gig" meant "looking cool", "money" and "burds". Having waxed his Mexican moustache and donned his best John Travolta suit with big flares, he discovered that the drums in question consisted of a toilet pan plus various disconnected bits of plumbing. This blew the looking cool bit. He then discovered that the audience consisted entirely of the impatient members of the other bands, waiting for the Guireans to get off so they could go on. And none of them were "burds". Furthermore, there was to be no pay for the gig and he'd shelled out for the petrol to drive the Guireans there in the infamous Ford Escort Mk II Popular  "Ken is Cruisin"-mobile HJS 666P. The bookkeeper of bop was not impressed.
"Toilet On the Sea" - which appears on the Greatest Hits compilation C****y Al*n* Picks The Guireans" (1985), and "Bodach Eat Marag" are the standout tracks here. The rest go on and on. Evidently merit badges for endurance were dished out to those scouty types who actually sat through the whole thing. On the tapes, various characters can be heard demanding after each song whether that was the last one, or how many more songs were left to go. But to their credit, nobody pulled the plug or threw the Guireans off.
On the other hand, they never played the Scout Hall again.
  1. Toilet on the Sea 
  2. Hotel Callanish
  3. 2 Pissed Drivers
  4. Bodach Eat Marag
  5. Black Mucus for Sabbath People
  6. Motorhead ( In Dub )
  7. Last Night a DM Saved My Life
  8. The Boy from Leurbost City
  9. New Face in Dell
  10. Back Disco
  11. Om