The Guireans

   Tapeography & Amadan's Guide

Pronounced Goo-thans (1979) 


EMI Cassette Super C60 (Unreleased) (1980)


Jazz Mucus for Funk People EP (1982)


Winter Feis (Live Appearance 1982)


Olacs Volume 79 (1983)


Midges Of Rock (Live Appearance) (1983)


Mehags Agus Fuidheags (1984)


Calan Bow Gets Run Over (1984)


Bogie Goes to Bennadrove (1985)


Ch***y Al*ne Picks The Guireans (Compilation 1985)


Hey Hey We're Gordon Macleod's Guireans (1986)


The Cac Album (1987/88)


Guireans on 45 (1988)


Live At The Cross Inn (5/7/1988)


The Brag Demos + Free Muriel Gray (1989)


J*** S**** is a H***s*x**l (1989)


Late Period Singles and EPs (1990 and beyond)


Alasdair Mackay Is God (Sorry - Bod) (2002)


How Much Mor Cac Could It Be? - The Midges of Rock 2003

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The Cac Album (1 Side of a C90)  (1987/8)


Alasdair (Bod) Mackay:  Guitar; Vocals; Drums;

Roddy (Huggan) Huggan: Vocals, Drums, Guitar

Iain (Deadstone) Livingstone : Bass; Drums; Chanter; Vocals

Recorded in Huggan’s and Livingstone’s. These two were playing in Derek Macleod’s “real” band No Head Jackson and the Sharecroppers from Hell in Edinburgh at the time, and a couple of the Sharecroppers’ favourites, the Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and the Ramones’ “Blitzkreig Bop”, made it into the Guireans’ repertoire for this tape.

The former has a few good lines. Iggy’s “Now I wanna feel your hand – and lose ma heart on the burnin’ sand” being adapted to “Now I wanna drink my sabhs – and lose ma heart in the slaughterhouse”.

The latter is a desperate classic, if only for the opening chorus “Hee Ho Ro – Coinneach Gobha” and the fact that it’s (nearly) the only song in the world about Cathaidh Ghall’s late lamented off-licence on Inaclete Road : "Goin to the Braighe Disco - Drinkin it alfresco - I've only got 50p - Cathaidh Ghall's shop..." etc. If only they'd thought to use it as ad jingle on Isles FM, Cathaidh Ghall's might still be with us today. 

Huggan’s “Billy Bragg as White Settler” impersonation on “New Tolsta” is scary.


1.        Waulk This Way

2.        Macdonald Mix:

Walk Like A Maw; Like A Guirean; Murdo Alex Don’t Preach; Holy Day; Gress You Up; True Brue

3.        Bad Mucus for Rep People (Schoolchild)

4.        I Wanna Be Your Molt

5.        Happy Hour (House Music For Martin People)

6.        New Tolsta

7.        Ram Music for Mones People (Cathaidh Ghall’s Shop)

8.        Reverend Reverend